Charitable donations

Charitable donations
Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear customers of DELKESKAMP

While searching for the right Christmas present, we found that extensive regulations in terms of "compliance" simply no longer permit a wide range of actions and therefore, this year we have again come to the decision to donate money for charitable purposes in our region rather than purchasing customer presents.

We hope that this project meets with your approval and so donations will be made to the following two projects:

The Nortrup Tent Camp
The Nortrup Tent Camp, under the sponsorship of St. Aloysius, is organising a bicycle trip and one week of camping for about 80 children and young people aged 9 to 14 years every year during the summer holidays. The kids are looked after by 30 volunteer group leaders with Juleica training. The programme includes camp discussions, joint group events, night hikes and sports activities, as well as defending the camp pennant in the event of an attack by parents.
The main aim is to provide the children with lots of unique and wonderful moments and memories every year. The Nortrup Tent Camp’s organising team would like to thank you for your generous donation which will be used to buy a new kitchen tent and other essential purchases.

Tovarishch - Hilfe für Kinder (Help for children) e. V.
Tovarishch - Hilfe für Kinder e. V., founded in 2002, is a charitable association whose main project is the construction and furnishing of a vocational school for girls and boys in Amasaman, Ghana, which will open the way for higher education. A school training workshop will allow for dual training in certain professions comparable to similar institutions in Germany. The profits from the workshop and the school fees customary in Ghana cover the running costs of the school, including teachers' salaries. The association only bears investments that are jointly decided upon during regular visits.

Other projects are, for example, the reconstruction of houses destroyed by earthquakes in Mexico employing sand-filled PET bottles as building material, the construction of a chain of coffee bars where young people from the townships in South Africa are trained in workshops to become 'baristas', and the support for a children's cancer ward in Cherson in southern Ukraine.

We wish you a pleasant Advent season. Stefan Delkeskamp (CEO) - Delkeskamp Verpackungswerke
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