Management Information Game (MIG) 2020

Management Information Game (MIG) 2020
In the course of the Management Information Games (short: MIG), 23 students from the 12th grade of the Artland-Gymnasium Quakenbrück became leaders of their own fictitious companies.
This year, the MIG took place from 13 - 17 January at Delkeskamp Verpackungswerke GmbH in Nortrup where we were warmly welcomed and provided for.

In three groups, we young company managers had to make important entrepreneurial decisions for six quarterly periods in order to achieve as much profit as possible. In addition, every day we listened to some exciting and informative presentations about company organisation, balance sheets, marketing, human resources management, sustainability and stock corporations. We also took part in a very interesting guided tour of the Delkeskamp factory.
The highlight of the week for all players was the marketing evening on Thursday. All three companies had designed a heated bicycle saddle for this evening, developed a marketing concept for it and prepared a presentation. At this big evening event, many well-known faces from the Artland business community together with our teachers were present and put our products to the test.

Although some groups were better in generating economic profit than others, all participants gained a life experience and everyone really enjoyed it .

We would like to thank the sponsors and the AGQ who made this great experience possible.

Jette Landwehr
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