Result of the campaign “Stop the flood of plastic”

Result of the campaign “Stop the flood of plastic”
Plastic products are our constant companions in daily life. And when they have served their time, they sometimes end up where they do not belong - for example in the sea.

In the meantime, there are many campaigns and environmental associations in Germany, as well as worldwide, reporting on this topic, educating and specifically addressing the avoidance or reduction of plastics. We also want to do our part to help the environment and help ourselves to reduce plastic, thus reducing our impact on the environment.

We have therefore looked at a number of our customers' products that are stretch wrapped in film. Stretch wrapping pallets certainly makes sense in many places, but we have discovered products with some customers that would also work without this film.

In our campaign under the motto "Stop the flood of plastic" we specifically addressed these customers and pointed out the realistic avoidance of plastic in their case.

The result of this campaign was both promising and ultimately successful!

We will be able to do without film or stretching for 31% of our customers’ selected products in the future. Thus, for each of these customers’ pallets 20m² of film is saved, corresponding to a CO² saving of 750g per pallet.

We are very pleased with the positive feedback and would also like to thank our customers for their willingness to make a contribution to our environment.