DELKESKAMP Sailing Team - successful despite new challenges

DELKESKAMP Sailing Team - successful despite new challenges
After a two years’ break, a new Delkeskamp Sailing Team has been formed. Experienced members of skipper Christian Rocholl’s former crew got together again for a new project with new challenges. In the middle of 2017, rather coincidentally a somewhat older regatta yacht was purchased, a Jeanneau 38, SUN SHINE RACE. Actually, it was supposed to be a ship for smaller regattas and holiday trips only. It soon became clear, however, that the LORE had successfully competed in many regattas in the past, including more than 20 Kiel and North Sea Week competitions. And so the idea was born: why not just test out what else this older lady can do and we decided: LET’S SAIL THE NORTH SEA WEEK; she knows the route anyway!
The NORDSEEWOCHE (NORTH SEA WEEK) is Germany's only open sea regatta, taking place annually on Helgoland at Whitsun.

The winter work on the yacht was thus somewhat more extensive, as some parts on the LORE had to be replaced or even retrofitted. In addition, new and suitable CREW clothing had to be found.

On 6 April this year, the boat took to the water. One training weekend or other took place in best weather conditions. At this point in time, hardly anyone would have expected the exceptional summer of 2018 to last for the entire sailing season.

On 09 May, the LORE set out on a 10-hour trip along the 99-kilometre Kiel Canal, from Kiel via Brunsbüttel to Cuxhaven.

On 19 May, the barbarously early starting shot was fired at 05:30 for the outward leg of the regatta from Cuxhaven to Helgoland. During the following two days, further races were held towards and around Helgoland. We constantly increased our performance and the results became better every day. On May 22nd we managed to gain a fantastic 2nd place in the so-called homeward regatta, back to Cuxhaven.

A big thank you to our long-time sponsor, Delkeskamp Verpackungswerke GmbH, without whom, participation in a major event such as this year’s the North Sea Week, would not have been possible.
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