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Protecting what's most important to us


The combination of tradition and progress in a family-run medium-sized enterprise makes us strong. Our corporate policy is characterised by the protection of the environment and the people who inhabit it.

Economic sustainability

The foundation for economic sustainability is success on the market. We orient ourselves with entrepreneurial far-sightedness to the demands of the market and implement them by means of our range of products and services.

This allows us to provide a secure existential basis for future generations in the region, as well.

Environmental sustainability

At DELKESKAMP, environmental sustainability does not only apply to compliance with all statutory requirements

The sparing use of all resources is a necessity for us.

Social sustainability

Each business success is built on employees. In favour of social sustainability, DELKESKAMP promotes health care and occupational safety by means of a wide variety of programmes.

In addition, we also uphold our commitment to the people living in the region.

Innovative packaging concepts – convincing solutions

Over 600 employees working at Delkeskamp's certified
factories are dedicated above all to one thing: customer

At Delkeskamp, intelligent and demand-based solutions
result from the balance between creativity,
fantasy, experience and knowing the limits of the technically

This demand is an essential part of our corporate
culture and is reflected in all our business segments.

Information, Reports, Knowledge

Information and knowledge all about corrugated board, paper, foam
and the Delkeskamp company itself are not only highly interesting.
They also create the best basis for targeted communication between us
and our customers.

In the following, feel free to explore our news, important downloads
related topics and interesting articles.

We are happy to
communicate with you!

Personal contact is important to us, because along with all
other professional channels of communication,
it allows us to understand your needs in detail.
And that makes the difference!

Take advantage of our expertise – we are happy to advise you!